Files are available for download in .pdf format. You will need an Adobe® Acrobat® reader to view these files.  The Acrobat reader can be downloaded for free  
  Download Instructions

1.  Generally, clicking on the link for the file you want to download will cause a dialog box to pop up, asking you:

What would you like to do with this file?
[  ] Open this file from it's current location
[  ] Save this file to disk

Usually, the best option usually is to save it to disk (remember where you saved it so you can find it later).

2.  Sometimes,  clicking on the link for a download file will cause the specific program to start (i.e. If you're downloading an PDF file, it may cause the Adobe Acrobat program to start and you will see the download document from within the Adobe Acrobat  program).

In this situation, you can save the file to you local hard drive by selecting the "save as" command.

3. If you click on the download link and NOTHING happens, you can manually download following this procedure:

  • On a P.C. compatible computer, click the right mouse button on the link for file you want to download (On Macs, click and hold on the link for the file you want to download)
  • Select menu item:
    "Save Link As" (Netscape)
    "Save Target As" (Microsoft Explorer)
  • Select folder on your computer in which to save the file
  • Click on the "Save" button


Email  Instructions

1.  Enter  your  Name
     Enter  email  address
     Click  on  Button  "Email a Catalogue"

     Just  check  your  email  it  will  be  there.